new life new state. Luca Paci

the tide of the morning is

investing your thoughts & flesh.

Do you really believe

in what you have become?

The snow outside is cleansing the streets

of your minimal sins: unpaid bills,

unwashed clothes, mean numbers.

The trail is endless, the tide comes

in the morning of thoughts & flesh.

Your stiff cock against her groin

sounds like a groping mole.


8 thoughts on “new life new state. Luca Paci

  1. I pretty much enjoy this ‘everydaylife’ vein of yours…thank you for the homage (the Neapolitan banner), too bad one can’t see the McDonald’s icons on the side of the graffiti! Good luck for this new project, I’m alreadu caught up in your rhizome…xs

  2. as if

    a heart sat down for
    hung its soul
    like a head
    in sorrow
    slurped some coffee
    to awake from
    the nightly intimations
    of death
    munched some toast
    to wicked
    perspectives on the
    to day what the day
    might bring
    as the heavy heart
    gets up
    and walks out
    the door

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