as if. Zgia

a heart sat down for
hung its soul
like a head
in sorrow
slurped some coffee
to awake from
the nightly intimations
of death
munched some toast
to wicked
perspectives on the
to day what the day
might bring
as the heavy heart
gets up
and walks out
the door


9 thoughts on “as if. Zgia

  1. Zgia, or Juergen Ghebrezgiabiher, is a poet, translator & bicycle doctor. He published the booklet The Fine Line in collaboration with Luca Paci (Chanticleer 2005). He is also the German translator of Iain Sinclair.

  2. I must say this sounded familiar! I already enjoyed it as comment to Luca’s poem, now it really stands out. What more…who hasn’t ever woken up with a heavy heart?

  3. grazie per il nuovo posto = palco scenico poetico! mi piace anche vedere il poema in prima linea. ciò nonostante mi piacerebbe che i poemi siano sempre anche percepiti così: comments on other poems, contributions to perceptions, ways to dig in deeper into that matter of life. i post another poem – – – perhaps 1 other poem will raise its voice and 1 other and
    (mi piace risentirci così amico!)

    flow on

    let go

    feeling free & whole
    – an after birth moment –

    multiverse the soul

    let the words
    paper away
    no matter the circumstances
    hand over the keys
    to the stances

    and let the world
    litter your sanctum
    invade your kitchen.

  4. Multiverse the soul…I really ADORE it! 🙂 As for the last stanza, I remember Stuart H

  5. Hall saying once that cultural studies had entered the halls of academia and crapped on the table…apart from now institutionalized labels, I loved the idea of it, and glad to find it here, an uncanny resonance…xs

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