Poem. Massimo Orgiazzi

Stories for the inverse light Grief and despair sunset river anthology


And I will plant, in the propitious season, a bit of hell
flowing tender alongside redness of this small looking west;
grape vines will be walls, laws sewing what I believe,
small flies and fear filters installed inside the time thru the trees.
But this was undoubtedly war: tribes, classes and sets of cries
were nailed down in Benway style upon a violent wavy lime light.

A drop of us was over the stairs during that winter
which flagged every single joy ware.
Sesia river would trickle for years the rare,
the only rigid livid unstoppable scare.


16 thoughts on “Poem. Massimo Orgiazzi

  1. really, luca, thanks for all the trouble you take to introduce the poets. it’s like a good handshake and hello!

  2. Volevo dirvi che ci sono. Vi seguo come posso ma il mio inglese non mi permette di intervenire e di capire i contenuti come vorrei ma vengo sempre a farvi visita.
    In bocca al lupo per questo nuovo progetto!

  3. Ah Luca ! E’ vero, di Novara sei 🙂 You’re from Novara, la città della Cupola 🙂 May thanks to Luna Tagliante and to the others.

  4. ma qui si parla in inglese! la vedo brutta 🙂 ti mando un saluto e un in bocca al lupo per il tuo nuovo blog. “all the best for this project” (copio e incollo dal commento di massimo) ciao antonella

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