Untitled. Mariangela Palladino

Who would abuse
an old frame
bound to a banister?

Crashed against the wall
pieces of white plaster
dangle from your skin.

Arms torn. Cuts rip open
the rubber where hands
should grip. I brush the
plaster off your seat.

I ride you free.

Who would vandalize
this old frame
secured in a stairwell?


7 thoughts on “Untitled. Mariangela Palladino

  1. I suppose it is the bicycle and the person, in a sort of everyday cyberbody…I love the idea of freedom emerging out of violence and abuse, very uplifting. Good girl! xs

  2. I guess you are right! The bike and the person, almost as one. Alas, I am not a poet, hence I still project my feelings upon things so as to better articulate and vocalize them. Though this is not poetry conceived and crafted to heal…nope, …..perhaps it is a way to step away from my subjectivity and look at me from a distance. The narrating I is surpised, shocked and hurt upon seeing the old frame being abused…..

  3. objects ARE living entities. abused objects exude sadness. they end up in sort of a purgatory of the too-muchness in our countries. a useless in-between state (not the scrap yard yet), forgotten, neglected.
    as to the poetess mariangela: i do think that the glance, the perception of a poet/ess is a loving, caring, truefully interested and of course subjective one (the latter connects and frees us from being scientific … whatever that might be ;o)

  4. Thanks for this marvellous poem, it helped to cure my constipation, now my bowels are working very well!!!

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