blogging us out of harm’s way? Zgia

i recently started to think about the incredible amount of information that is forwarded even by our ”tiny little” poetry blog. who can digest, process or even develop an unflagging stay ”on (the) line” as regards the enormous amount of information=input given? there is on the one hand this incredible medium internet, its rhizomatic spreadability, its billboard or blackboard facility: one simply shows up (= logs on) and leaves a note. and i truly think that’s partly fantastic. on the other hand the ”ciao and then ciao again” (= we’ll have to get on with our real lives) makes ongoing and in-depth dialogue really difficult. i take myself as an example: i have posted 2 poems, a some-page-long translation, a translation of a poem, and some comments (again a poem among those) in the course of  let’s make it  two weeks. if i take myself seriously, considering myself a poet-cum-writer-with-translation-facilities, i’d say, well that’s probably enough for the discussion forum already. of course there have been a good many and deeply thought and felt entries apart from the ones i posted. (as i ‘m babbling on you’ll already start to think: oh well now, get to the point! … very well:) i want to stand up for slowing the whole thing down! do you remember the soulfulness of the slow food of thoughts that might be called ”letters”? well, i think  no!: i am convinced that there is something about the slowness of dealing with, going into and entering into something that has been said, and i have got the impression that the internet and its fabulous possibilities are too short-lived, too ciaociao (chiedo scusa alla communità italiana ma è ormai diventato un’internazionalismo) to become seriously engaged in in-depth dispute. i would wish that rizoma was growing at a slower pace and was putting down roots in the depth rather than the velocity of response of its deeply soulful members.

(please, do tear this apart, to pieces, kick it, hit it … i’d love to invite strong opinions, feelings .. you name it!)


17 thoughts on “blogging us out of harm’s way? Zgia

  1. I think that you both have a point. That is why I put Gavin’s essay – which is a long and complex one- as word doc. One can download and read it whenever they want…

  2. Juergen, et alia – I, for one, agree … I actually dislike blogs per se … That said, I also value finding an audience I might not otherwise reach for my own writing by way of such vehicles … That said, I’ve often tasted blogs and found the comments sections less than appealing/appetizing — i.e., usually they are little snippets of not very much and if you engage someone they run away … This was especially true of the Lacanian Ink site … I’ve also had a few words with Luca in the recent past (and in London, in Real Time) about the uncanny beauty of actually-existing writing (e.g., books) … We have also discussed, electronically, the editing of blogs such that language and form does not end up totally mangled … Many posts, for me, being irreversible for the author (since the editor controls access), are also often (after the fact, in retrospect) something I wish I could retract and/or fix … This all is to say that such is not really a conversation, nor a correspondence, so much as a speaking/writing into the void … GK …

  3. Luca, I happy to tell you that your blog is censored in China. We discovered that Fabio Pulito (letter dall’ Asia) cannot access it. This means that according chinese standard yours poems or discussions are dangerous…
    Be strong my friend !

  4. comments are not essential here. what we need is a revolution in the way you approach the blog. what you need is discussion, real discussion and arguments…
    this can only be obtained bringig the graphs theory and rizomatic discussion to central attention.
    If you want we can try.

  5. Hmmmmmm … Why are we having a discussion about having a discussion instead of having a discussion? … GK …

  6. Hi everyone! Sorry for having stayed away some time but I’ve been quite busy – and I’d start from this simple thing my quite down-to-earth reflections. I myself am a quite fresh blogger (my experience began on Erodiade a couple of months ago), and I plunged quite deep into it at the time, mainly because I had been stuck in bed for a few days. So I posted and commented and surfed randomly, until I got back to my ‘real’ life. The point is, a blog is not a book, you are not supposed to read it all or to comment on everything. Your hyperproductivity of these last days, zgia, may be easily followed by a period of complete unproductivity, suffering the ebbs and flows our ‘intellectual’ life happens to go through.
    Briefly then, I believe there are two ethical but also very practical points to keep in mind: (1) for the reader, not feeling obliged to read, comment, and understand everything. If I can’t go on ‘the’ blog for some days no problem, if I start reading something I discover I’m not interested in I am allowed to skip to something else. Blogging is NOT a job, but pure pleasure of the mind; and (2) for people who post, to try and be concise when possible (as in the case of essays and random reflections), careful with poetry (don’t post the whole goddamn Divine Comedy, and in any case make only the first four-five verses appear on the main page of the blog), and generally user-friendly (don’t write anything that comes up in your mind). Of course, an average blogger is vulnerable to abuse of his time, attention and patient by the average poster, but the strategies at point (1) can definetly help.
    By the way, I’ve been off these day because I’ve been staying at guardafili’s place for some time. We’ve been friends for some time now, and blogs help us continue our intellectual exchanges even in the long spells when we are apart, and to open them up to other people as well. So, any blog is first of all about relatioship with people, even ones we have never met…yet. Love to all s

  7. Thank you very much for expressing your opinions people. I suggest the following: 2 posts a week – one of philosophical/political nature and the other on poetry, literature, etc. Long documents will be downloadable to facilitate the reading.. In this fashion we preserve both the dinamicity of the blog and acquire more time to brood/ comment on the posts.
    What do you think?

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