shares R us

shares R us

whaldo’u want
in glish’s invading me
a per for ma (italiano!) ‘n’ CE
wolly & golly & dolly
good times R god timees
not N inch or sense
sneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer ffffffff uu want
agog for a gogo
an’ nottin’s ever to late for ttte show
if i may repeat Continue reading



circa: the day after tomorrow
if only you’d known
life beyond carpets
and windows.
or was it your fate

to sentence yourself
to the dot of an i
with a full
stop ahead at the garden?

and that of the over-
looked in the street,
the monster
that stalked the world

you neglected, eager
to slake its thirst
with your blood
to never desist

from its beastly behaviour
until you’d acknowledged
your creature
and saviour?

Chance. Luca Paci

There is this Oriental girl who enters Waitrose in front of St. Michael’s Church. She ‘s well dressed, a white linen dress and a black hat. I can see her from the window with the reflection of the church and the constant flux of traffic. I’ m waiting for you and whilst chaining my bike I’m struck by the sudden revelation of this woman. She’ s running her arms on her dress to flatten the creases. Her breasts are like birds about to fly. She ‘s gorgeous. She seems to look in my direction now. I flatten my hair and smile. She squints. She’s rummaging in her handbag now. She’s seen me. She disappears behind the toiletry section and for a moment I think she’s gone forever. I catch a glimpse of her naked calf. She’s tame. She’s staring back at me and I nod and smile again. She’s now coming out from the supermarket. She’s heading in my direction, looking at me, straight at me. I turn round. Continue reading