News from Nowhere. Richard Livermore

And the giraffe planted an ear in the corn

As a token of love for Nijinsky, the fawn,

Who danced in the ear like a creature possessed.

And it came to pass there came from the West

Metallic battalions. The grazing gazelle

Jerked up its head at these neighbours from hell

As the matriarch of the elephant herd

Trumpeted quiet to the eloquent bird

Till all you could hear in the shimmering heat

Was the barking of orders and crunching of feet

The droning of engines high in the air

And, back on the ground, a cry of despair.


PINK&PURPLE. Mariangela Palladino.

Slowly plod along the eerie
Avenue with hunches and baggage.
The night at its darkest
The city shrinks into a peaceful
Rest after the Saturday mess.

Cars drive past – fast
Their minute bodies
Pair along the pavement
As we walk home.

No soul’s around
windows’ lights have long
gone off, but this did not put
off two old ladies up-to-no-good
wrapped in pink & purple.

Laetitia. Massimo Orgiazzi

Howling the west, just west of the state
that politically leaked on the great
freedom-shaped boredom of this sort
of a world, there were millions amounts
of luminescent splinters of gods
running the cold from inside a blow,
feeding with time
those far mighty skycruising
bad sons of the clouds.
You who finally found living discoveries
inside the voice, you simplified lives
of this side of the tone:
the shell, the size of the story, the one
meaning of all my oldest glories
and my most complex historical frowns.

Windows in the West. Edwin Morgan

Windows in the West. Avril Paton.

Turn the kaleidoscope and the seventy-eyed creature
Stretches, yawns, shakes the roof snow
Off its back in clumsy dollops, gets a glow
Going, cries of ‘It’s freezing!’ (not really, just a feature
Of tenement winter), puts some coffee on, come on –
How can a single one be a multiple seventy –
I don’t know, but I know I like the mystery –
Breathe out, breathe in, never in unison –
‘When did you get in last night?’ – ‘Where the hell
Did you put my razor?’ – ‘Dog has started
To chew things up again’ – ‘Well well,
You were going to give it a bone, that’s your department’ –
‘That was never what art meant,
Pictures falling off the wall, everyone has a -‘
‘Don’t throw it away. I might need it’ –
‘You’ll never write a line if you don’t heed it
When I tell you there’s enough life,
Enough strife
In this old sandstone block
To turn Anna Karenina and The Great Gatsby
Into one noble undefeated cry
Which is the single tenement sigh
Any time, anywhere.
Turn up the heat,
A new day’s always sweet.’
‘Coffee up.’
‘My god another cracked cup.’