Two Loves. Richard Livermore

Two loves had I once.
When both of them sucked
on my nipples together
I was the blossoming

mother of twins, one of them
fucked me I was a city
entered by armies, decked out
with kisses and flowers.

And they tell me
the World disapproves
of inverted desires.

It prefers its mothers
to nurture real armies
to enter real cities.


17 thoughts on “Two Loves. Richard Livermore

  1. Pasolini? Of course luca, I’d have never hoped someone without a cock could come into your mind… 🙂 Just joking of course, still Adrienne Rich is the one that comes to my mind. And, of course, your beloved Judith Butler…The trans-sexual (in the literal meaning of ‘across sexualities’) voice intrigues me. Deeply performative, a strongly gendered identity who positions him/herself through practices rather than body parts, an ethical stance rather than a hard-on…Very intriguing indeed! love to all s

  2. “The mark which has dominated all my work is this longing for life, this sense of exclusion, which doesn’t lessen but augments this love of life.” ( Pasolini,interview in documentary, late 1960s)

  3. Apologies for not being more involved the past few days. It’s election-time here and it looks like a revolutionary change is about to occur – we’re going to replace a right-wing coalition with a centrist coalition! I don’t think I’ll be able to bear the bloodshed, the tanks in the streets, the young women and men dying in hundreds, and all that upheaval. God, I’m sick of this para-politics. The west has lost its soul. At least the crowd coming in are not corrupt. (Not as corrupt, not yet corrupt, less corruptible….(sound of weeping offstage))

  4. Genet was an influence at the time. As for the experience the first part of the poem was based on, the maternal feeling involved in having my nipples sucked by two guys at the same time was so strong I did feel I was suckling twins. It shows that, from the point of view of the imagination, gender is an illusion. We can cross over any time it takes us. None of us are confined to the roles we are expected to play because we have this body or that. OK, so I can’t have a baby – yet! – but perhaps I can imagine it.

  5. The writing is Assy is the true sense of the word. From a far it is interesting and attractive and draws you near. But upon a closer review it’s imperfections are clear and an unpleasant odor is about.

  6. I’m back everyone. Sorry for the delay. I have been in hospital the last 8 months recovering from an accident on my farm. Doing much better now, thanks for all the support…

    Lucapaci – i find imperfections in some of the word choices. The harshness could have been relayed without the vulgar. And maybe it’s just me but…”real cities”?? I feel it could have been more. I’m still trying to wrap me head around it.

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