Just to let you know…

Just to let you know that there’s an Italian translation of one of my stories here.

It’s by a young translator called Serena Polverino, from Napoli. It’s a fun story, a retelling of one of the Dionysus myths in an Irish setting.



4 thoughts on “Just to let you know…

  1. Serena is a talented translator who is here in the Literature Centre for three months. She has been working on my stories for some time and I hope to post more of her translations in due course.

  2. Bel raccontino, Bill.
    ti inserisci, con occhio truce ed attento, nella semplicita’ tragica di una realta’ irlandese/caraibica che certamente puoi vivere in prima persona nelle periferie di Cork.
    Se fosse stata Barbados, l’Irlanda sarebbe stata diversa ?? chissa’!
    Mi auguro che tu non beva come Zoot ! ma la salsiccia nera del disgraziato bimbo fa ridere parecchio .
    ciao Q2

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