News from Nowhere. Richard Livermore

And the giraffe planted an ear in the corn

As a token of love for Nijinsky, the fawn,

Who danced in the ear like a creature possessed.

And it came to pass there came from the West

Metallic battalions. The grazing gazelle

Jerked up its head at these neighbours from hell

As the matriarch of the elephant herd

Trumpeted quiet to the eloquent bird

Till all you could hear in the shimmering heat

Was the barking of orders and crunching of feet

The droning of engines high in the air

And, back on the ground, a cry of despair.


8 thoughts on “News from Nowhere. Richard Livermore

  1. Nijinsky, the dancer, who went mad in the end, that is say, fey, or perhaps fay. I’ve never looked into it. I’ve read his diaries, though, and it seems to me that there was as much true sanity there as madness. And perhaps they go side by side. The first line was lifted straight out of a dream, then I had see where I could go with it from there. I’m not completely in control. I wanted to talk about U.S. Imperialist designs and, perhaps the way they impact on our dreams. Who knows if I’ve succeeded or not?

  2. P.S.How much Morris in the title. I’ve read News from Nowhere. but I think on the whole it was plucked out of the air.

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