The news is

the news is a seventy per cent eclipse

as bad as we can expect & probably

one of his more measured verdicts

the news is three nestlings

died of a sudden microwinter

we found their airtex corpses on the lawn

the news is the world is warming up

we get grapes & olives & they get desert

my aunt’s garden died in the summer of 06

& Dublin ran out of water & it was too hot

to keep the windows closed on the road west

even in the shade of the old viaduct

where a long time ago before global warming

a young man hanged himself in despair

from what was left of the permanent way


4 thoughts on “The news is

  1. Just in anticipation of what will be another (warmer) winter…

    Irish winters have been getting steadily warmer and duller for twenty years. The nestlings I mention here died during a snap freeze-over in early May two years ago!
    The term ‘permanent way’ refers to railway lines – in this case over a disused viaduct. Ireland tore up most of the permanent way and closed the railway lines in the fifties and sixties because the government believed that in the future all public transport would be by motor car. One should never underestimate the stupidity of those who govern.

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