Brixton Sun/Set. Luca Paci

Speedy noodle breaking news
General travel information red
Route no STOPPING at any Time

Reliance Arcade (epiphany or
Subliminal msg?)
Breached tar/mark on the road’s

Skin controlled ZONE school church
Estate agent surveyor & valuer pawnshop
Wearable AFRican ArT soft furnishing

Framing books dope scope pope rd.
Follicles testicles washing
Machines waving from pick-up


Bricks on Bombay INN
Bus lane easy connection centre
The crown & sceptre

Now whether/spoon
The unexpected fragrance
Of flowers in the early

Hours fresh frozen fish ish

Halal meat price CRASH
Peacocks argos & Ulysses
Polish specialist

Stencilled sun/set
Enamelled covered in
Dust &soot


7 thoughts on “Brixton Sun/Set. Luca Paci

  1. Fucking amazing. I appreciate a lot the style, between the cut up and the sparkle.

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