Waste disposal.

Dear Governor

we Write this

to urge
Quache thing to do

for the desperate situation
Where I and my fellow citizens we are.
Rubbish & rubbish

every where

Per ogne dove

What do you think!!?

Rubbish collection is a perennial problem

Like rain or bad luck

And my president is falling down

What do you think!!?

RSVP asap

Yours faith fully

A chat with Pagliarani. Luca Paci

Elio Pagliarani lives in Rome, in an apartment block not far from the Vatican City, both a modern and a popular area.

He welcomes me in his sitting room, on our right a bookshelf which climbs up to the ceiling. After a long introduction on what I do, where I come from and so forth, Mr. Pagliarani begins speaking about himself, or rather about poetry. It is a strange interview, with few questions coming from me; the hoarse, lion-like voice of the poet and the smell of his pipe merge to create a unreal atmosphere, full of suspense. Outside the Roman traffic. Continue reading