Waste disposal.

Dear Governor

we Write this

to urge
Quache thing to do

for the desperate situation
Where I and my fellow citizens we are.
Rubbish & rubbish

every where

Per ogne dove

What do you think!!?

Rubbish collection is a perennial problem

Like rain or bad luck

And my president is falling down

What do you think!!?

RSVP asap

Yours faith fully


6 thoughts on “Waste disposal.

  1. thank you for this poetic act of solidarity…but don’t worry, things down here are not as bad as they look. Still, keep writing! kisses S.

  2. A cut up from Reuters UK might clarify the situation Bill:

    Refuse collection in Naples and the surrounding Campania region stopped around Christmas when almost every dump was declared full. As a result, 110,000 tonnes of garbage have piled up in the streets, triggering sporadic violence.

    Last spring, during a previous breakdown in rubbish collection and disposal in Campania, the Commission launched legal action against Italy for breaching EU waste legislation.

    Italian members of the EU assembly call for proper waste management and not just short-term steps to tackle the present waste disaster.

    “The enemies of Naples are those who have brought down its good name,” said centre-right lawmaker Giuseppe Gargani. “The whole refuse disposal system is now in the hands of the Camorra, organized crime. The Commission must take a strong position to put a stop to the situation.”

    Gianni Pittella, from the assembly’s socialist bloc, said it was not just a question of politics. “There is not much of a civic sense in that part of the world,” he said.

    “People in that part of the world are way behind in their attitude to the environment,” added liberal lawmaker Alfonso Andria.

    (Editing by Dale Hudson and Tim Pearce)

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