Translations. Arthur Coleman

Let us live, my Lesbia, love
Valuing the stringent judgements
Of frigid elderlies as no more
Than an old browned penny.

Each day suns may fall and
Rise again. When light for us
In brevity sinks, night blankets
Us sleeping into perpetuity. Continue reading


Reunion. Luca Paci

Every day Mara appears in a different dress with a different hairstyle, using a different phone. Initially she doesn’t recognize her. One day she is blonde and elegantly dressed, the next she is a brunette with a rather bedraggled look. She never stops and talks. She always seems to be in a hurry, doing some errand or other, rushing away.
This time she expressly waits for her outside her flat. She knows she has to pass from there at this time in the morning. And so she does. This time Mara is wearing a black thick coat and leather boots, but the most evident items are perhaps a pair of earrings. They are gold, round-shaped and quite big. She has applied quite a lot of foundation on her face.
Mara pretends she has not seen her until her friend’s face is few inches away from her. ‘Are you all right?’ She looks at her as if she’s seen her for the first time. Her face is blank. ‘ No really… No’. It’s then when she decides to tell her everything, no matter what. Continue reading