Map Of Terror. Luca Paci

Please keep your music down,
our prices in London are falling by an
average of £175
What’s your game?
Don’t take an illegal cab home..
Map of terror
map the terror
be dazzled

Next station is Victoria

Courage … it’s an everyday thing,
don’t say we didn’t warn you
the most dynamic company
you ‘ll ever work with
want inspiration that’s truly divine?
Imagine applying the finishing touch to your look
this changes everything

improvement works
to tracks & stations
may affect your journey


One thought on “Map Of Terror. Luca Paci

  1. Days fade faster,
    Time runs like oily shit
    after another dose of rot-gut gin.
    Wind dances with toilet paper,
    across a yard empty of dreams of
    Commerce? Love? God? Sex? Death?

    We watch and we close our minds.
    It hurts too much to pray.

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