Le valle sans retour. Michael Hilton

mo’s moat is most enclosing

of the castle and its keep

i see a brazen archer

aim from yon windowseat

and what is more i know her

yon archer is of yore

winner of all tournaments

her willow bow of lore

she is the queen’s own ranger

and princess’s sister twin

i’m joe her would be lover

if i could but get in

i am a province hopper

i roam from sea to sea

when e’re you travel on some trail

you’ll probably meet me

im lithe

and strong

my bow is long

im a wanderer by trade

im friend to mo

and though no foe

i am from her home forbade

mo’s moat . .

i yet shall swim it

and scale the castle walls

to the tower where my true love

awaits me in her halls

i ponder long my vision

of her beyond the moat

behold and lo !

tis her i know

she approaches in a boat

at last we are together

we’ll river row to south

and we’ll live free

across the sea

way beyond the river mouth

the distant lands are forests

and in brittany for sure

aye wizard’s wand


dans le valle sans le retour


One thought on “Le valle sans retour. Michael Hilton

  1. really sorry I had to change the theme of RiZoMa my Mac couldn’t red it anymore for some bizarre reason. Anyway, hope you like the new look..

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