Letter to a doctor


(for Will Stabile)


they put a camera up my ass

they put a camera down my throat

(not the same camera)

(or not the same day)

they made pictures of my brain

in onion skin

my spinal column

(intact I’m glad to say)

dear doctor

what else is there

I think

I eat

(I think I eat)

(I eat I think)

what goes in comes out

more or less on cue

I overheat at times

that’s the way the world goes

although I have never been exactly straight

I am approximately upright

& things that happen in my head

have their correlative elsewhere

we are all part of the great digestive tract

that is the world

& we all become much the same substance

& shadow

& when push comes to shove

you can know too much

since there never was a Jesus Christ

(as per the label)

(or at least not one that was a god)

there is no such thing as the perfect life

no let there be light

no logos to speak about

no way out

let’s call it evens

give me the strength to be

a broken man of the broken world


9 thoughts on “Letter to a doctor

  1. great beat bill. we are all part of the great digestive tract/that is the world/& we all become much/the same substance/& shadow. Meraviglioso.

  2. Luca, the book is on its way. We left the car window open in the rain (this is summer and Ireland) and we had to dry the letters out in the hotpress. Too many good puns there to resist. Posted it this morning.

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