Racist Italy. The Thomas Hammarberg memorandum



13 thoughts on “Racist Italy. The Thomas Hammarberg memorandum

  1. “The concern about security cannot be the only basis for the immigration policy. Measures now taken in Italy lack human rights and humanitarian principles and may spur further xenophobia”. With these words, the Commissioner for Human Rights published a report based on the special visit to Rome carried out last 19 and 20 June.

  2. “Roma rights are violated every day in Europe. Roma workers are refused jobs, their children are refused places in schools. Roma communities are often considered as marginal and traditional, giving to the word “tradition” a negative sense, and meaning they are more likely to suffer social exclusion.

    Apart from the fact that nobody should be ashamed of his/her ethnic origin, Roma can be considered as the first European people, since they “broke” European borders much before any international treaty or Convention existed. They travelled all around Europe enriching their culture with the culture of the visited countries, as well as enriching European cultural heritage with their own contribution.” http://www.dosta.org/

  3. What is happening in Italy now? Are there soldiers on the streets? Why are they there? What can soldiers do to fight pick-pockets and bag-snatchers? Is Capo Berlusconi bringing fascism by stealth to Italy? What does the Italian Left say? Why are soldiers guarding refugee camps? How can Berlusconi pass laws of immunity for himself and talk about law and order? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

  4. Luca, Bill, I can understand your concern but presenting the issue
    with such a title you are expressing a relative view and not beeing objective.

  5. I agree Will. There is racism in every country. Ireland is no different. For a while we had politicians in power drumming up the anti-immigrant call, but they went quiet and the reason they went quiet is because somebody told them that immigration was necessary to keep the economy going. I worry that when the economy changes they’ll start all over again. No country is immune to this plague of xenophobia and racism.
    But still, finger-printing Roma and putting soldiers at railway stations?

  6. Bill, what would you do or your politicians do if the Irish Coastguard would be at sea
    everyday to save people coming to Ireland from the coast of England or France or
    Island. let’s say black people, yellow or any color, you pick up!

  7. It is easy to address this issue when you dont have Pantelleria or Lampedusa
    as corollary of Ireland.
    Bill, your politicians dont feel the wild wind coming from Africa. (I hope one day
    we ITALIANS can be all Black.)
    They dont have to explain anything about it to Irish voters.
    I am not defending Berlusca, i am trying to read from a different angle the immigration
    Bill, there the immigartion problem needs to be read with no political dogma/stigma

  8. Will,
    credo in un mondo
    un popolo
    senza frontiera

    The problem for Europe is a result of how Europe sees itself and how it has behaved in the past. If we dealt fairly with Africa we would not have Africans streaming here for hope or work. Nobody wants to be forced to leave their own country. The first step to that would be to stop asset stripping Africa and to make some reparation for what we have done.
    My post about Ireland was simply to explain that racism is everywhere. We too have a public policy that is hostile to immigration. We have too have a right wing government. However, that does not excuse either Ireland or Italy or anywhere else from their responsibilities to the peoples they have devastated for 200 years.

  9. YES, Bill I do agree.
    IT would be great if Rome or Paris one day could amalgameted and be like Lagos
    or Senegal. I think we are going towards this direction.
    You have also to remember that Italy has not a history of immigration like Uk or
    Irealand had.

  10. Sorry for my silence – I was in Italy without a computer.. The title of the post is of course a sort of provocation. It is true that,despite a fierce campaign against people outside the comfortable euro-zone, in Italy people are quite tolerant. However, I can’t hide sense of discomfort when a independent report points out that in the Bel Paese there are worrying signs of hostility towards the immigrants. Our government is exploiting the situation in the most ruthless manner using people’s fear and uncertainty to promote their populistic agenda.But it is Europe and its politicians who are becoming increasingly schizofrenic. On the one hand the project of a tolerant and welcoming federation on the other hand the construction of physical, linguistic and psychological barriers to keep the foreign away. Should I be comforted by the airport sign which inform us that there will be queues because of the tougher custom controls? What kind of mentality conceives those words?

  11. My point exactly, Luca. The people are tolerant. It is the politicians who create the problems. The only reason our government shut up about was because they realised the ‘celtic Tiger’ needed extra hands. Now that there’s a downturn in the economy we already have one party suggesting that we pay immigrants to return home!

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