An interview with Roberto Saviano

Do you have any regrets about the effect that writing this book has had on your life?

Sometimes life with an armed escort really gets me down, and I’m nostalgic for all the things I used to do and no longer can – going to the cinema, just going for walks – basically everything that goes to make up a life. But I’m finding ways to adjust. Perhaps I’m missing the one thing that would lead me to have real regrets: and that’s fear. I’m not afraid of what could happen to me and I believe that what I’ve done in writing this book has been worth it. And if people ask me if I’d do it again, I have to admit that I would, just the same. Even if at times I’ve cursed my book, hated it. Like something that has ruined my life forever, which it has. But it’s also done many other things. For this reason I would write it all over again. Continue reading