Appel des étudiants, chercheurs, professeurs et citoyens Italiens pour sauvegarder leurs droits fondamentaux.

Aux représentants des Institutions Politiques Européennes et Internationales.
Aux médias Européens et Internationaux.


Comme vous avez pu entendre ces derniers jours, le cadre futur des Institutions Universitaires et Scolaires Italiennes vient d’être décide. Ces institutions sont à la base des structures sociales, civiles et culturelles de chaque pays démocratique. Elles sont les outils cléfs nécéssaires au progrès économique et à la mobilité sociale. De plus, elles sont la clef de voûte de la compétitivité d’une nation dans un monde globalisé. Continue reading


Appeal of students, researchers, professors and Italian citizens to salvage their own fundamental rights

To the Representatives of European and International Political Institutions
To European and International Media

Dear Sirs,

As you may have heard in the past days, the future framework for Scholastic and University Institutions in Italy is being decided. Institutions which are at the basis of the social,civil and cultural structure of every democratic country. They are the key tools necessary for economical progress and social mobility, as well as cornerstones of international competitiveness in a globalized world. Continue reading

Sign for Roberto Saviano

Roberto Saviano is under death threats for denouncing the criminal deeds of the Camorra in his book Gomorra, translated and read all over the world. His freedom is under threat as well as his autonomy as a writer, his chances to meet his family, to enjoy a social life, to have part in the public life, to travel in his own country.
A young writer, guilty to have investigated the organized crime revealing its methods and its structure is forced to live an hidden, underground life, while the Camorra bosses send him death threats from their jails ordering him to stop writing for La Repubblica, his newspaper, and to keep silent. The State must do every effort to protect Saviano and to defeat the Camorra. But this is not a mere police case. It’s a problem of democracy. Saviano’s safe freedom concerns everyone of us as citizens.
Signing this appeal we intend to take charge of it, as a personal commitment, urging the State at the same time to take on its responsibility, because it’s intolerable that something like this could happen in Europe in 2008.


On Francis Bacon. Luca Paci

Old Cotton street four tables

Lucian & Francis paying

their restaurant  bills

with paintings but she

did not like it she

thought it was evil.

Digging a hole somewhere

and knowing where to begin

Hollow curtained space

hang in even folds

stench of death reek of

blood &disfazione

The Pope oh the pope

tubular constructs far

-fetched horizons.

Do you read me?

Do you <…>

we do not possess the key