Why Poetry. Rossella Riccobono

Because it’s fun.
Because it’s beautiful.
Because it communicates in a pure way.
Because it is free from compromise and corruption.
Because it re-establishes word as creative and not destructive.
Because it is direct.
Because it is not afraid of telling the truth.
Because it is honest expression of states of mind.
Because it talks about us all and to all of us:
love, pain, death, rejection,
loss, hatred, fear, passion,
politics, despair, hope,
disappointment, joy, courage.
Because it unites all of us through the language(s) that we know
to many other people that have written
about themselves or others through the centuries.
Because it opens up the doors that separate life and death
by enlarging our friends and communities
to present, past, and future members of our society.
Because it allows us to express ourselves and our feelings without fear
no matter the result.
Because expressing our feelings is a right.
Because expressing ourselves is healing to ourselves and others.
Because through poetry you can fly, jump, swim and dance.
Because it is centring.

Because it warms our soul and allows us to re-dimension our pain or

love within a wider collective pain and love.
Because it’s alive like us, as long as it’s read.
Because it brings us back in touch
with that three-year old child that’s in all of us
and that needs to be loved so badly.
Because it makes us see things from a new perspective.
Because it is playful.
Because it makes us curious like a little child.
Because it is a free act of love
from one human being to millions of others.

Because it’s a gift.


4 thoughts on “Why Poetry. Rossella Riccobono

  1. Rossella Riccobono is a lecturer in Italian at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. The poem is in the collection States of Mind and Love (Joker, 2008).

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