Empty Buildings – Night in New York. Arthur Coleman

Illuminated by plane-warning floodlights,
clouds wisp past the tops of tall buildings
whose insides are empty of life at this hour.

Walled-in halls and rooms sectioned into
squares leveled stories upon stories above
ground, fixed as firmly as centenarian
trees by their grappled root structures,

are dark and unseen, though lit ambiently
by light that has somehow crept like vine
up the walls and through the atmosphere,
compressed into substance by the flat rigidity
between walls, so windowed they are sheer

glass cliffs, shooting off the translucid
streets, blackened by recent rains; and
the red and green day-glo of exit signs
perennially pointing down cavernous
evacuation routes that are the conduits

whose night-long drafts whisper the
empty buildings’ seething potentiality.


A close examination of a broken eggshell. Arthur Coleman

The object that fell through a tear in the awning
and softly smacked hitting the ground is half of

a bluish green eggshell spotted with brown and black
smudged matter of the mother bird’s patient incubation.

The edges where it broke open are jagged and the surface
that sustained the impact is cracked yet still intact.

Inside, chinks in the white are stained with watery
blood and albumen goo, smelling overbearingly of birth.

Barking mad

A group led by an Italian lawyer has begun collecting signatures for a petition to nominate Mr Berlusconi for the Nobel Peace Prize on the ground that because of his close links to Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister, he helped to resolve the conflict over Georgia last summer.

Giammario Battaglia said that no Italian had won the Nobel Peace Prize since Ernesto Teodoro Moneta in 1907. He added that in view of Mr Berlusconi’s achievement, “we think it’s a good moment”.

Source: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article6433541.ece