Some kind of Italy: Mario, Jacopo and the cherry tree.


Inclined as I am to a chronic indolence, I should enjoy those Italian moments, by my own, by my parents-in-law, by the shadowy side of the green, while I am eating cherries.
And I do enjoy them (moments ans cherries), with a sort of intimate delay (should I say I did?), writing down disorderly sketches of my Italian journey.

A different inclination, more courageous, endured the cherry tree since 1994, when a tremendous lightning – out of a memorable storm – hit its log.

Grandpa Mario planted the cherry tree when Cristiana, first of his six grandchildren, was born. Mario, ninety years old, gently and slowly is now heading to his tree, to me and Jacopo, his great-grandchild.

Walked by his daughter, with the aid of a cane, a bit stooped and with humid blue eyes, Mario is looking at Jacopo, somehow lost in his thoughts… thoughts, we can only guess.

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Ol’ Chanty. Richard Livermore

Ol’ Chanty is the new website of the old Chanticleer Magazine, which has now been discontinued. The aim of this website is to publish poetry, essays, short stories, novel excerpts, criticism and what ever else comes our way that we deem worthy of the world’s attention. Ol’ Chanty would like to continue the tradition of Chanticleer Magazine, which called itself  “A Magazine Of Poetry And Ideas – Not Necessarily In That Order.” Therefore Ol’ Chanty will also include a blog (Chatbox) in which the editor – or anyone else – can sound off on any issue which stimilates them to say something interesting – within certain limits of course.

Chanticleer Magazine acquired the reputation of being an against the grain, ‘underground’ magazine which took a certain pride in being different from most other magazines. It received a lot of warm praise from various quarters, as well as some scathing criticism. One reviewer even described it as the most irritating poetry review journal he had surveyed to date. (Kudos indeed!) Ol’ Chanty will do its best to continue this proud and noble tradition.

Chanticleer Press, which used to publish Chanticleer Magazine, now only publishes chapbooks and ‘proper’ books (in limited handmade editions). Details of these publications can be found elsewhere on the website.

Finally, the editor hopes that all who visit these pages enjoy what they read.

Richard Livermore – Editor

Killed a Girl Called Reality: An interview with Nina Roth and Paolo Cirio from

Last time I took a plane, I guess it was in August, I met someone. There was no immediate attraction, but we talked deeply, promptly. She told me not to take my drinks with me any further, she made me undress my shoes, my jacket and also my belt. That was very fast for the first meeting, but she told me to relax. Hearing strange noises, she told me, she needs to touch me. I was confused, but I accepted and it felt good. While body checking we were talking about regulatory power and questions I never dared to ask. It was so intense. When she stopped touching, I was left alone with an emptiness of not knowing why all this had happened. And then, I guess, it just occurred to me, that I had to kill a girl called reality. Continue reading

G8 2009. From Rome, looking at L’Aquila and the World.

“Seven winds in the lower calendars and geographies:

first wind, a worthy and angry youth”.

Subcomandante Marcos, Ezln, Chiapas, Mexico.

Message to the greek rebels on december 2008.

On July 8th, 9th and 10th the president-master of the italian government, Silvio Berlusconi, will host the summit of the “Big Eight” of the Planet. The summit will take place in the fortress of a State Police Corps, in Coppito, a town close to L’Aquila, a city where people and land are still devasted by the earthquake of the 6th of April 2009. The president moved there the summit from its original destination: a luxury liner off the sardinian coast of La Maddalena.

Due by the action of this arrogant governor, leader of a speculation and war system responsible for the crisis, is taking shape an attempt to validate again the failed global political governance. The situationist of reaction, Silvio Berlusconi, gives to the “Big” of the Planet the opportunity to perform a show of “sobrity”, as he called it. A show he would like to be appropriate to face the growing ostilities and rebellions rising in every corner of the World against the G8’s decisions and dominance.

Behind the pitiful cabaret – set up to take for a walk the highest political offices of the world, along  the tent-camps of the earthquake’s victims – the summit will confirm those decisions and that dominance: to fund again the financial speculation; to save the banks; to make labour more precarious and instable; to reinforce the security architecture; to implement cooperation among Nations in the matter of repression; to keep on with the no-border exploitation of human beings and natural resources and to build up, at the same time, new frontiers of blood and shame, to appease universities through control and police.

The G8/G14/G21 is not just taking place on a scene devasted by an earthquake, whose consequences are worsened by speculation and social injustice, but it will be held in the middle of a global crisis, in a period of riots against oppressions bursting at different latitudes. From the Argentinazo to the revolt in El Alto, Bolivia; from the Appo, in Oaxaca, Mexico, to the resistance of  indigenous people in Peruvian Amazonia; from the rebellions in the french banlieues to those of migrant people against the lagers they live in, and against the deportation systems that work in the buttres of European Union – as in Ceuta, Melilla, Peloponnese and Lampedusa; from the recent riots in Greece after the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos – 16 years old, shot dead by the police – to the protests against the G20 in London – where Ian Thomlison was murdered by the police too – until the night of the riots in Berlin, on the first of May, and the Nato meeting in Strasbourg. Continue reading

Silvio Berlusconi attacks press for defamation over unanswered questions. Richard Owen

Silvio Berlusconi has launched a fierce attack on La Repubblica, accusing the newspaper of defamation and denigration after it challenged him to explain his relationship with Noemi Letizia, the teenager who calls him Papi.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s office said that there was a media campaign against Mr Berlusconi, 72, fuelled by “envy and hatred of a Prime Minister who has achieved historic levels of public trust”. Continue reading