The bank / The names. Stefano Gugliemin

 where the names start you dig

still in the lungs of god

blind from too much light

open to a mortal tongue

gaping at the margins of sound

like Debussy or the voice

that hangs abandoned in the air

as it is being born


Heavy Metal Islam


There is a substantial Heavy Metal scene in the Middle East. To me that isn’t a surprise, as metal fans can be found all over the globe. On the other hand, US soldiers used Heavy Metal to annoy people they held captive in the Middle East, which must have given the music a bit of a bad reputation. The fact that Heavy Metal represents the voice of an alternative to the mainstream, both musically and politically, will make sure that more and more Metal bands will get popular. I have a lot of clips, so I will just offer clips and links:


The book “Heavy Metal Islam” is probably the most important book written about this subject:

First clip, Aliaj from Iran:

Melechesh (Formed in jerusalem in 1993 consisting of Assyrians and Armenians):

Al-Namrood, “Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq (see Guardian link for an explanation about the difficulties of…

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London poems. Stefano Guglielmin

London poems


Sad is his face like the face of a poet

a poet without a song 

Virginia Woolf




The foxes are howling in the yard

while the barbarian shreds the tablecloth;

Mrs Dalloway finds her voice and says:

“Doesn’t life seem incredible?”





There is no song, I know. But the body

sometimes talks on its own, likes mud

more than light and wiping out traces

makes it sick…






Poetry means, here, stand still on the carousel,

bring yourself peace as your ship goes down.






She asks if I like laughing

if dying young is worse.


She repeats the sentences twice

so laughing and dying

become just verbs for me to learn






She says so many things in English;

sticking out her tongue, unraveling it:

her sex wouldn’t do any better.






She lays down something that sounds

like the breathing of a sick heart;

she seems happy to have followers

in this enterprise.



Response Time Artes Mundi 6 Turner House Gallery


We would like to invite you to come along on Thursday 11th December for a lunchtime performance at Turner House Gallery 1.05PM for the latest Response Time project.

What is Response Time?
Response Time is a performed response to art, space and environment working in art galleries and spaces that exhibit art. It began at the Gas Gallery in Aberystwyth and has since produced responses to Tim Shaw’s Black Smoke Rising at Aberystwyth Arts Centre and the Artes Mundi 6 at National Museum Wales.

Response Time challenges multi-disciplinary and cross art-form performance makers to respond to art in the form of live or digital performance in 48 hours. The focus on the project is providing young and emerging artists the opportunity to develop their performance skills and their practice alongside more experienced performance makers in a supportive and creative framework.

What will the performance be like?
Response Time is…

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