The bank / The names. Stefano Gugliemin

 where the names start you dig

still in the lungs of god

blind from too much light

open to a mortal tongue

gaping at the margins of sound

like Debussy or the voice

that hangs abandoned in the air

as it is being born


London poems. Stefano Guglielmin

London poems


Sad is his face like the face of a poet

a poet without a song 

Virginia Woolf




The foxes are howling in the yard

while the barbarian shreds the tablecloth;

Mrs Dalloway finds her voice and says:

“Doesn’t life seem incredible?”





There is no song, I know. But the body

sometimes talks on its own, likes mud

more than light and wiping out traces

makes it sick…






Poetry means, here, stand still on the carousel,

bring yourself peace as your ship goes down.






She asks if I like laughing

if dying young is worse.


She repeats the sentences twice

so laughing and dying

become just verbs for me to learn






She says so many things in English;

sticking out her tongue, unraveling it:

her sex wouldn’t do any better.






She lays down something that sounds

like the breathing of a sick heart;

she seems happy to have followers

in this enterprise.



Love Song. Elio Pagliarani (trans. Luca Paci)

You had the legs of a pregnant mare
and straw hair, your shapes
made by a carpenter I fought
sure to make them again, imagining
if I pulled your nipples with my teeth
a turgid richness. You looked good
dressed like a sailor, white and blue.

On the sand I fought to open you
and relieved you from a doubt, third class train
God knows what
I thought to see in her mobile
If this was shame! come
age of illusion which leaves the mark
is the lie: after declaring life
big, here I am twisting my back
to say: it’s odd it’s odd like a goose.

I acknowledge that instead of drowning
I used you as lifejacket.

Here, where the sea has broken, there is no
memory, and if treason strikes me
from the depth, it’s the night clarity
marriage sea moon in these low
lands, is Villa Serena so bare,
silence, bewilderment to the dawn’s