Culture in a Globalised City. Zygmunt Bauman

Cities, and particularly mega-cities like London, are the dustbins into which problems produced by globalization are dumped. They are also laboratories in which the art of living with those problems (though not of resolving them) is experimented with, put to the test, and (hopefully, hopefully…) developed. Most seminal impacts of globalization (above all, the divorce of power from politics, and the shifting of functions once undertaken by political authorities sideways, to the markets, and downward, to individual life-politics) have been by now thoroughly investigated and descibed in great detail. I will confine myself therefore to one aspect of the globalization process – too seldom considered in connection with the paradigmatic change in the study and theory of culture: namely, the changing patterns of global migration. Continue reading


Map Of Terror. Luca Paci

Please keep your music down,
our prices in London are falling by an
average of £175
What’s your game?
Don’t take an illegal cab home..
Map of terror
map the terror
be dazzled

Next station is Victoria

Courage … it’s an everyday thing,
don’t say we didn’t warn you
the most dynamic company
you ‘ll ever work with
want inspiration that’s truly divine?
Imagine applying the finishing touch to your look
this changes everything

improvement works
to tracks & stations
may affect your journey

City of Panic. Franco Berardi (Bifo)

The urban territory is increasingly traversed by streams of diasporic, heterogeneous and de-territorialised imaginary. Panic tends to become the urban psychic dimension. It is a reaction of a sensitive organism submitted to a stimulation too strong and too rapid. A reaction of an organism urged by too frequent and intense impulses to be emotively and conversationally elaborated.

What is panic? We are told that psychiatrists recently discovered and named a new kind of disorder – they call it “Panic Syndrome”. It seems that it is something quite recent in the psychological self-perception of human beings. But what does panic mean? Continue reading